Computer showing the Home Screen of the Utah Pain Summit website
Phone showing the accommodations page of the Utah Pain Summit website

Sacred Circle Healthcare


Complete website buildout for a new healthcare summit. The site is responsive and super clean. It provides speaker bios, ticket and accommodation links, and an overview of the conference. Designed to be simple to navigate and easy to understand.

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Making a difference in the community

Sacred Circle Healthcare is a healthcare company owned and operated by the Goshutes. They provide healthcare for underserved populations in the local community. This year, they are rolling out a new conference called The Utah Pain Summit. The summit provides interactive sessions and panel discussions that focus on advances in pain management. Through cutting-edge research, they provide the latest evidence-based approaches in the field of pain medicine. It also offers an opportunity for healthcare professionals to come together in a supportive environment and share their ideas on how to best serve their patients, network with colleagues from various disciplines, build meaningful relationships, and make a lasting impact on patient care.

Make ticket sales easy

Build a responsive website that would both give background on both Sacred Circle Healthcare as an organization and market The Utah Pain Summit to providers and students. Using existing design systems, I created a cohesive look and feel between Sacred Circle Healthcares main page and The Utah Pain Summit site, all while modernizing and simplifying the aesthetic of the site.

Simple and beautiful

With the home page I wanted to keep the page super clean. I stuck with the summits primary green color and kept everything else black and white.

Utah Pain Summit homepage

The speakers are laid out alphabetically and each picture on the homepage links to their bio on the speaker section.

Speaker section of the Utah Pain Summit websiteSpeaker Bios for the Utah Paint Summit Website

Information is provided on both Sacred Circle as an organization as well as the purpose of the Pain Summit.

Description Section of the Utah Pain Summit WebsiteA new approach to pain section of the Utah Pain Summit Website

At the bottom there is a sponsor section and a contact form that forwards to the marketing team. 

Sponsor section and contact form on the Utah Pain Summit website

The ticket section provided short descriptions and a link to an external ticketing website. Finally the accommodations section was simple and beautiful, allowing attendees to book their onsite lodging.

Ticket options for the Utah Pain SummitLodging section for the Utah Pain Summit website

The site was simple to navigate and provided users an exceptional experience.

Final design in the wild


I love how this site turned out. I thought it provided the right amount of information to peak prospective attendees interest and encouraged ticket and accommodation sales. The final site included additional information added by a member of the marketing team after I shipped the site. I would’ve loved to of been able to give the added content a little more room to breathe, along with better alignment. Overall the site was viewed exactly half on desktop and half on mobile. Making a responsive site was really fulfilling and I enjoyed working with the various stakeholders to get the job done.

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