Picture of Eric Forbush with a blue and purple gradient behind it
What’s up I’m Eric!

I’m a UX Designer with a passion for clean designs that are accessible to all users. Read on to learn how my knowledge, skills, passions, and abilities have led me to UX!

Picture of Eric Forbush with a blue and purple gradient behind it

What's up I'm Eric!

I’m a UX Designer with a passion for clean designs that are accessible to all users. Read on to learn how my knowledge, skills passions, and abilities have led me to UX!

Leveling up my UX

I recently graduated with a UX Design certificate from Dev Mountain. That program has helped me synthesize my past experience and education. It expanded my design thinking, prototyping, user testing and visual design skills. I learned to effectively use Figma to create beautiful and functional mockups.

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A little bit of everything

My degree in advertising taught me how to effectively research, write surveys, conduct interviews, understand problems, and find creative solutions. I enjoyed a variety of classes throughout college in various disciplines including product design, design thinking, graphic design, print layout, HTML & CSS, AfterEffects, InDesign, and Photoshop. My cross-disciplinary approach to education allowed me to have a broad range of skills that help me through all stages of the design process.

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How to be happy

I have found that my time spent with individuals with disabilities is some of the most fulfilling and enjoyable parts of my life. In 2013 I was able to help individuals with severe disabilities utilize technology called Eagle Eyes to use computers through eye tracking. It was incredibly rewarding watching these individuals play games and utilize technology, when they were not able to use fine motor skills or in many instances communicate in other ways. I appreciate that UX allows me to interact with users of all ability levels and make experiences that are accessible for everyone.

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Marie Kondo changed my life

Reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up was a transformative experience. I love the concept of having exactly what I need and enjoy, and getting rid of all the clutter. I feel this fundamentally in my life, from my wardrobe, to the apps on my phone, to scheduling out the tasks in my day; I am passionate about prioritizing the things that spark joy, and cutting everything that does not. I am inspired by music producer Rick Rueben in his ability to take art and simplify it down to it’s truest and simplest form. I strive to do this in my designs, producing comprehensive user experiences, while limiting distractions, feature creep, and fluff that will distract from the core purpose. The best things in life are simple.

Picture of the book "the life-changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo

Learning from the best

In my past year in the technology sector I have been able to learn from UX designers at my company through weekly standup meetings, bi-weekly design reviews and weekly projects to improve my design chops. I have built connections through job shadowing and learned real world UX design application by attending The Front Conference.

Braden Anderson
Senior Product Manager

I have had the pleasure of working and designing with Eric for the last year. Eric has a very creative and thoughtful approach to UX. He understand the "job to be done" of the user and seeks to build and design around that. He is incredibly in tune with what customers are using the software (Dental Intelligence) for and how to simply the workflows for them to get the desired outcome. I was always excited to run my designs past Eric, knowing that I would always get good feedback on where I could improve it.Ester Timpson
UX UI Designer | UX Mentor

Eric is a talented and dedicated designer with a keen eye for great visual design and, most importantly, the ability to advocate for the needs of the user. I had the pleasure of mentoring Eric as he completed his UX UI Certificate program and was continually impressed with his willingness to dive into a project and fully apply himself. He was receptive to feedback, worked well within his various teams, and was a natural leader. He has a natural talent for UX Design and was quick to catch onto new concepts, while also taking it upon himself to independently dive into more complex concepts so that he would have a complete understanding of them. He was a pleasure to mentor, work with, and I feel that he will go a long way in this career!Nick Bluth
Product Designer | UX Instructor

I highly recommend Eric Forbush for any UX design opportunity. As one of my students at DevMountain, Eric consistently impressed me with his attentive nature, thoughtful questions, and exceptional work. He actively engaged in class, demonstrating a genuine passion for learning and a strong ability to grasp complex concepts. Eric's dedication to producing excellent work was evident in his attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality results. His professionalism, strong communication skills, and ability to work effectively in teams further enhance his value as a candidate. I have no doubt that Eric will excel in any role he undertakes and I'm excited to see where his career takes him.

What's next?

I am currently looking for design team that collaborates effectively and provides a comfortable space to explore new ideas. I want to make research backed decisions and have the opportunity to make technology more simple and enjoyable to use. If this sounds like a fit, I would love to meet and get something scheduled. I look forward to hearing from you!

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